Maintenance DIY


Q: Loved the costumes boys, who supplied the overalls?

LA: They were mine from home, we did the grease on our face there too.

Q: Were you nervous your lightbulb wasn't going to work or were you confident that it would?

LA: Six bulbs, four batteries, we had no worries.

Q: You looked more like movie stars than your average builders sometimes.

LD: That's the look we went for, but we'd rather be football stars.

Q: What would you change about the video if you could?

LA: Nothing, even getting hit in the face made it better.

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Welcome to our schools newest televsion network SMMTV the english class channel. 
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This project was established by specialist teacher Miquel Angel Llompart with assistance from Robert Lindsay to encourage the use of english in the classroom and on the net.  Here at SMMtv, we pride ourselves on reaching our goals set in english. Each program demonstrates new vocabulary and other conversational skills that are essential for easing into and becoming comfortable with the language. Please note that the final product of the videos relies on the involvement of the kids, and  although we devote time to both during and post-production, nothing can be produced without their significant input.

Chef Pau

Q: Had you made pancakes before or was this your first time making pancakes?
P: It was my first time making them alone.
Q: I assumed your mum helped a lot from behind the camera?
P: No, asides from filming, all of it was done by myself.
Q: How many pancakes do you think you could eat?
P: Five? I don't know.

Fun Cooking

With from permission from our professional newscast, members of SMMtv Channel can now proudly present an old project made with the supervision of last year's English teacher. 

All respects to a great job and film!

  • Q Its been a year since you made your chocolate cake, do you think you could make a better one now?
  • D: Yes definitely, we just need a lot more chocolate.
  • L: I agree, the bigger the better.
  • Whats one noticable change you can see in yourself since then?
  • D: My height, and my english vocabulary has improved a lot
  • L: My potato face.
  • Q: Can you make me a chocolate cake? It looked really nice!
  • D: Sure, make in two weeks
  • L: Maybe.
  • Q: How much exactly did Dario's mother contribute?
  • D: She helped a lot with shooting and editing the video for us.
  • L: ..And also a lot with the cooking and cleaning behind the scenes.

SMMtv Interview with Donald Trump

Deep interview with donald Trump  by the highly reputated reporter and Journalist Sara Kestion.

  • Q: Do you think you did an accurate representation of Donald Trump in the end?
  • S: Yes, we thought it was very accurate.
  • A: Especially the pie to the face!
  • Q: Speaking of the pie to the face, it was really unexpected. Was it as shocking as it looked?
  • S: Yeah, it was also really messy too which you didn't see on camera.
  • A: It stained the green screen and food went everywhere, but it was still worth it.
  • Q: What do you think Mr Trump will do now to retaliate?
  • S&A: Well, Trump will definitely be back to invade Spain, and he will return with killer clowns to fight the terrorists.

Fun Brain...More than games

Poetry with children 1

DIY with Mariana

  • Q What was your favourite part about making the video?
  • M My favourite part was pouring the water into the bottle without losing a drop, it made me happy.
  • Q What new words have you learnt after making the video?
  • M Hair gel, uhh.. I can't remember already.
  • Q What would you change in the video if you could?
  • M I think the video is fine how it is.

I would also like to thank Lucia A, Lucia H, my cousin, Alba, Toni and last but not least of course Mr Mike for their continued support and help throughout making the video, I hope you enjoyed it :)

SMMtv News and Meteo with Joseph

By Ana Caldenteny, Nadia Hipólito, Maria del Mar López, Jorge Téllez, Lara Richter, Óscar Sierra, Jose Caamaño and Agustina Suárez.

  • Q What was your favourite part about making the video?
  • L&AS When we were applying our make up, we thought it was funny.
  • JC When I had finished shooting, because I prefer to be behind the camera to help with the photography.
  • N Definitely when I said hi mum on television, I was excited for that part.
  • AC When I say "Queens are busy", it's a cool line.
  • JT Playing the bank robber was fun.
  • Q What aspect did you find most challenging?
  • L Reading out the deaths and the injured, I still have difficulty pronouncing it.
  • N Working with such a big group.
  • O I don't know, all of it.
  • JT I don't know either.
  • JC Being a beginner because I was very nervous the entire time.
  • Q What would you change in the video if you could?
  • JC I wouldn't change a thing, I think it's fine how it is.
  • JT I regret changing my jersey during the shoot, but now I know. Lucky we improvised at the editing.
  • N Next time I want more dialogue.
  • Nothing.
  • Q What new words/expressions have you learnt after making the video?
  • O Penguins attack people.
  • L Aha! I knew it! The information is wrong.
  • M I'm the head of ambulances.
  • AS Lets connect to our reporter on site.
  • AC Queens are busy
  • JT I'm a bank robber, this is my job.
  • JC The weather is forecasted..

Chronicles of daily life

  • Q: So I was wondering, did someone end up riding the bike in the end?
  • MV: No it was too big for us
  • Q: Is your uncle really from England? I was wondering that too.
  • G: Yes, he was only here for that weekend too.
  • Q: I saw you were playing with pokemon cards, is that a hobby you all share?
  • MA: Yeah, we all have cards and games we play together.
  • MV: My favorite pokemon is pikachu!

Youtubers on SMMtv Type of students

Short Interview
  • Q What was your favorite type of student?
  • L & M Our favorite was the boy who always makes excuses, we thought he was the silliest!
  • Q What was the most challenging aspect of making your project?
  • L & M Probably the five minute scene because it was difficult to remember and hard to pronounce at times
  • Q What would you change now if you could?
  • L & M We aren´t sure, we are fine with it. It is how it is now.

Teaser Paranormal weekend

Soon on your favorite channel SMMtv! Currently in production.

Short interview:

  • Q What was your favorite part to shoot?
  • P The part where Sandro talks to the camera was kinda spooky.
  • N I think when I was in hospital turning into a devil.
  • S Definitely when I was searching through all the rooms in the mansion.
  • Q What was the most challenging aspect of the project?
  • P Talking to Sandro about his girlfriend was difficult to do without laughing.
  • N Definitely longboarding downhill while trying to film at the same time.
  • S It was too easy for me.
  • Q What would you change now if you could?
  • P Instead of crying when Nacho turns into a demon, I think laughing would be a lot better.
  • N Nothing.
  • S We needed more girls. 

Adertising. Dr. Selby

Short Interview
  • Q What was your favourite part to shoot?
  • LH When Alba shows up and says "oh my God" at the end, it was so funny.
  • LA When Lucia prepares the cream then rubs it on her face.
  • Q What was the most challenging aspect?
  • LH My ribs got sore from laughing after Lucia applied the cream.
  • LA Acting like I was opening the shop door in chromakey was weird, where is the handle supposed to be?
  • Q What would you change now if you could?
  • LA & LH Nothing, it is perfect how it is.

Wallace and Gromit

Enjoy the movie and make sure to write some words or sentences in your personal vocabulary notebook.