The SMMtv project (Santa Maria del Mar Television) was born in the English classroom as a resource for the monitoring and evaluation of the oral English skills.  As being a volunteer project and as the filming is in non-school hours, not all of our students participate in it. The projects still on will appear once finalized.  

The approach was simple complete freedom in the choosing of theme, format and workgroup.  In the first phase, a sketch of script had to be handed out to the teacher.  Once approved the group must work with our New Zealand assistant to adjust, correct and/or translate it (if this one was not delivered in English). 

From here, and because we are using the ChromaKey technique, all members of the group must find the necessary background pictures and videos needed for their production. 

After this documentation process, the participants must choose a day for the filming to which they must go with the script already rehearsed (it was not always the case).  Most of the editing process is done by mr. Mike but we do have some students who can edit.

We hope you enjoy the various and varied results.