Many of the basic principles of early film can be found in the development of optical toys. The most basic of these principles is that the human eye can perceive a rapid series of slightly different still images in a particular sequence as fluid motion. 

This is what we studied within the Pre-cinema workshop carried out during the cultural week at our centre; one of the various workshops proposed.

After learning some of the basic concepts of the science behind the various optical gadgets, we worked on the construction of two zoetropes, a thaumatrope, and plenty of flipbooks in order to see how still image can become animated.

As well as this, some students worked on the KinoMike, another new gadget made for story telling. despite the fact the participants had very little time to complete their work (less than an hour), it was a very productive lesson, which you can see in our finished projects


We decided to launch a contest on one of every project

.- A handmade zoetrope for the best large animation.

.- A mechanic handmade Zoetrope for the best short animation.

.- Six leather notebooks for one of the best flipbooks animations.

.- A handmade zoetrope for the best of these six fllipbooks.

.- A KinoMike for the best story made for a KinoMike. 

So who are our contest winners..? let's find out!
For the best long zoetrope..


...and the winner is!

The Eye" by Marco Ayuso

For the best short zoetrope

  ..and the winner is!

The Sun" by Ling Shou

Check out other works submitted and some teacher's models

And the six flipbook finalist are...

For its quality on motion the winner flipbook is...

"The Fly" by Judit (6thA)

We apologize to our contenders for the KinoMike project... we are still waiting for new works to be handed in.  Stay tuned for further news!

Due to the lack of quality and the few works presented the prize is declared deserted.